STING Sports Canada Ambassador -Wyatt Sanford

Carlos Meza - Pro Edge Sports Conditioning Ltd.

Fog Off Clothing

Tartan Interiors

Willis McManaman

Olympic Medalist - Tracy Stuart (Cameron)

Caldera Distilling


Accent Plumbing
Albion Boxing Club
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The Bonds





Elmsdale Vision Centre
Fralick Financial & Insurance
E-commerce Solutions by Canucks Inc
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Bill Rines






Tartan Interiors
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Gary Mumford

J. Burke

Bev and Marcia Patterson

Bill Goldman

Lance Patterson

The Porter Family -Shawna, Zachary, Isaac, Jessi

Nancy Saunders

Tammy Hall

Myles Mumford

Bill Rines

Andrew and Gerry Smith

Don Cameron (as a Christmas gift to his mother)

Dawn Bowser

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Tartan Interiors